our story

Shelter Bay is a Toronto based design studio co-founded in 2015 by Rob Southcott and Sarah Cooper. Drawing inspiration from our experience in product design, art, interiors, and fashion, we strive to create quality goods for a well-designed life.


Rob Southcott, Design

After graduating from the industrial design program at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Rob founded Rob Southcott Studio Works in 2006, and has exhibited throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Rob has applied his playfully inquisitive approach to collaborate on products for Umbra, Imm Living, Anthropologie and more. Rob’s work can be seen at the Art Gallery of Ontario and in the permanent collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. 

Sarah Cooper, Production and Operations

With a behind-the-scenes background in buying and manufacturing, Sarah’s passion is to match the right maker with the right product, and bring original designs to life in an accessible way. Sarah has collaborated on products for Virginia Johnson, JCrew, Anthropologie, and more.